The Three Adams (Part Five) - Man's Right To Make Choice

Continued from the last episode 

Case Study Text:

“And so it is written, The first man Adam was made a living soul; the last Adam was made a quickening spirit. Howbeit that was not first which is spiritual, but that which is natural; and afterward that which is spiritual. The first man is of the earth, earthy: the second man is the Lord from heaven.”
1 Cor 15:45 – 47 (KJV)

In the declaration of the mandate given to the man, it was stated that the man should have dominion over the earth and not God. This gave the man the license to be the rightful owner of the earth, but the man has to confirm it by obedience to the voice of God. Just like someone who has gone to purchase computer software that has pin (person identification number) and it requires that for the authentication of the software he must enter the pin. The situation stands that if he doesn’t enter the pin, there is no way he can use the software though he purchased or received it from someone. In that case, whatever might be the purpose of purchasing or getting the software is defeated. And if he happens to be careless, and another person sees the software and gets to understand the pin, that is the end of his ownership of the software. To restore him as the rightful owner of the software, there is the need for him to go back to the shop where he purchased the software showing evidence and whatever that could help him claim the software.

However, the fact remains that in the Garden of Eden, the tree of life stands and signifies something and the tree of knowledge of good and evil equally stands and epitomizes something. This shows that whichever tree that the man decides to take fruit from, is an indication that he has pitch tent with what the tree and its fruit represents. On this note, the choice of the man is a deciding factor because it will help to further the course, presence and the influence of any of the tree that he picks in his life. Also, whichever tree that he picks, he automatically identifies with and as a result becomes subject to what it symbolizes. The right to make choice gives man the right to have desires and desires give birth to lust and lust gives birth to sin and sin gives birth to death. So as the man decided to identify himself with the tree of knowledge of good and evil; it means that he desired it, and such desire produced lust and that lust made him to disobey the voice of God and as a result he sinned against God and this sin established death in him (Rom 5:12, Jas 1:13 - 15).

Therefore, whatever the tree of knowledge of good and evil stands for, is the producer of sin and death, and whatever the tree of life stands for is the producer of righteousness and life. However, as the man identifies himself with the tree of knowledge of good and evil it means that he has submitted his right of ownership and dominion to whatever the tree knowledge of good and evil stands for. So intentionally man gave away the right that he has been given to possess, rule and manage the earth, which by implication means that he gave his heart to whatever the tree of knowledge of good and evil represents. As a result of that, whatever the tree of knowledge of good and evil stands for, is by proxy or through the heart of man or the core of man, dominate, control and manage the earth. Inasmuch as the heart of man is in its hand, the kingdom of the earth is in its hand, this suggests that whatever might be the product of man’s heart will definitely stem from the idea it induces in the heart of man and such idea will begin to manifest on the face of the earth. And as the ideas of this thing that the tree of knowledge of good and evil represents started manifesting on the face of the earth such as murder, vices and impishness started occurring and man’s heart was full of evil. This shows that the kingdom of man has become the kingdom of the evil of one!

Overtly, the reverse would have become the case if the man had gone to take the fruit from the tree of life, it would mean that God will through the heart of the man have firm control and dominancy over the earth and the product of man’s heart will definitely be righteous and life giving. That is to say that peace, serenity and tranquility will be the order of the day on the earth and the kingdom of man becomes the kingdom of God. Because the man’s heart has been given to the evil one to take control and rule, he lost the opportunity to unite with God spiritually and as a result he became earthy, the kingdom of God couldn’t come through him on earth. To reverse this situation it has to take another (another Adam) man to do it again, because man lost it man has to take it back but this man that will take it must be spiritual and by Him the kingdom of God will come on earth.