Christian Man Beaten Nearly to Death, Body Burned on His Muslim Mother's Orders for Choosing Jesus

United Kingdom: One third of Christians 'have never prayed for a miracle'

Indonesia: Christian relief workers joining Indonesia disaster response urge prayer - By Alex Williams

Can God Be Cajoled or Moved?

The New Testament Unfolds The Mysteries Of Eternal Life

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China: Authority Trying to 'Rewrite the Bible,' Force Churches to Sing Communist Anthems

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Egypt: Egypt's Persecuted Coptic Christians Nominated for Nobel Peace Prize

Potter's House: Ex-Volunteer Files Lawsuit Against TD Jakes Ministries Over 'Assault' in Church

The Three Adams (Part Eight) - God Didn't Curse The Man!

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Nigeria: Leah Sharibu's Father, Church Raise Plea after Boko Haram Threat!

Myanmar: 12 Churches Destroyed, Shut Down by Myanmar Rebels

Egypt: Archaeological Discovery, Evidence of Hebrew Exodus From Egypt Found Near Jordan River

The Subject Of Knowing Who God Is - Part One

Britain: Service held to honour ancestors of African and Caribbean communities in Britain - Eno Adeogun

Records: This Bible Sign Could Break 4 Guinness World Records

Avoid Aberration Follow The Standard - Part One

China: Pastors In China Prepare To Lose Their Lives For Preaching The Gospel, Defying Communist Crackdown

Australia: Sadly Assemblies Of God In Australia Splits

Israel: Archaeologists Discover Ancient Israel Flowing With Milk And Honey... And Beer

The Blessing Of Abraham, How And What Is It? – Part Three

India: Christian Teenager Jailed on Baseless Rape Charge in India

Kenya: Christian Bus Passengers Refuse to Recite Islamic Statement of Faith, Two Executed

Hollywood: Chris Pratt Explains Why He Publicly Shares God: 'Hollywood Isn't Anti-Christian'

Christ is your Environment (Part Nine) The Infallible Qualities of Love

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Nigerian Pastor Worth $150 Million, Sells Oil Claiming to Cure HIV, Building 100K Person Church - Stoyan Zaimov

India: 271 Christians Face Criminal Charges, Including Converting Hindus Through ‘Spreading Lies’

Nigeria: Over 250 Nigerian Christians Killed by Fulani Radicals in Two Months

Nigeria: Boko Haram Executes Aid Worker, Vows That Leah Is Next

Stop Accusing and Blaming God - Part Two

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The Three Adams (Part Seven) - The Consequences of Holding Self

China: The Brutal Truth About Persecution of Christians in China

America: Stop Buying Aborted Baby Body Parts for Research, 85 Congressmembers Tell FDA

UAE: Three Evangelicals Walk Into a Muslim Convention

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