Why Most People Do not Believe In God’s Existence (Part Two)

Continued from the last episode;

However, let’s get some facts straight. Evidence has shown that everything taking existence on this planet earth and even beyond has unique identity for which it is known. Just in case one would like to describe an object or a thing, it should be done by narrating the configuration and the characteristics of the object. The description given is a mark to know the particular object, and if followed correctly one would arrive at the exact potion. This, however, shows that things will continue to be what they are because it is their identity irrespective of one’s acceptability, likability and agreement with them. Just because someone hates the shape of a snake would not make the snake to change its shape; and just because someone hates the way and manner the lion hunts for its prey will not make the lion to change its nature. Every creature gives birth to offspring that looks like them; because their gene and character is passed on to their offspring and that is the way it is. 

Obviously, there are things we don’t have solution to. It is just the way it is so we learn to accept it or not, like it or not, agree with it or not, but whether ‘positive or negative’, the reality is that our position will not alter the fact about the identity or nature of that particular thing. 

God is the Creator of all things. He made them and gave them definite identities that are unique, and that is the way they have to look. There is no way a lion for instance can turn itself to a cat, and a snake to worm. Therefore, a lion is a lion and a cat is a cat. In the same stem God has His own nature or identity as the case may be. His nature is invisible to our unclad eyes, and He cannot say because we are grumbling that He is invisible and so decides to be visible. However, if we like we can grumble from the surface of the earth to the very highest heavens; God will still remain invisible because, it is His nature. The fact to hold on here is that, our disagreement and agreement to the nature of God cannot affect His position as God because our position doesn’t matter at all. Therefore, does His invisibility disqualify His existence? Well, the answer is an emphatic No! This is because invisibility is His nature. It is His identity! Just consider this, bacteria are not visible to our unclad eyes but we cannot overlook their activities, we should do everything possible to avert their dangerous activities against our body and environment. It is only a fool that will say because he is not seeing bacteria with his naked eyes therefore, they don’t exist. 

“Who alone has immortality, dwelling in unapproachable light, whom no man has seen or can see, to whom be honor and everlasting power. Amen.” 

1Timothy 6:16 NKJV 

So why is God invisible? Because God lives in a realm that is quite different from the realm in which we live. This suggests that the realm of God does exist and it is the realm He has chosen to dwell. As the Creator of the world God has the sovereign right to choose any part of the earth to dwell, and therefore, He has chosen a realm that is not visible to people’s unclad eyes. No one lives in the things he has made, but the things he made run and operate by the demonstration of his wisdom. The man that produced the computer does not live inside the computer, but his wisdom makes the computer looks superlative and humanized sometimes. The man who made the car does not live in the engine of the car, but he has sufficient information about the engine and can always detect any fault in the engine by the mere sound of the engine. This is possible because he made the engine. 
Now let’s consider a situation in a family, where the father of the house comes up with an assertion that no one goes out of the house on a certain day of the week. The implication of this is that all the members of his family would be expected to stay indoors on that particular day every week. Though the law in question is not written and hung on any place in the house, a fact that renders it invisible, yet every member of his family observes and obeys it. The fact to consider is that, though the law is not physically perceptible by any member of his family, yet it exists in their heart, and as a result, it controls events in the house. 

Consequently, the implementation and interpretation of this law among his family members is something that makes the law visible. No one would say that because the law is not written on a board and placed on the wall of the house, it does not exist. We can as well juxtapose this to the mere existence of the physical things our eyes can behold. Their physical existence signifies the handwork of someone and His invisibility shouldn’t undermine His existence. Also considering the fact that for now there is no way we can scientifically or otherwise give a detail account of how for instance the trees and other numerous things came into being. 

The invisibility of God to our eyes does not mean that God is absent from the world. Also, it does not mean that God is not conversant with the whole activities going on the surface of the earth. God in His nature is all knowing and therefore nothing takes Him unawares. However, one of the highlights of the people who argue that God doesn’t exist is that to them if God does exist, He should not keep quite while people die in the hands of natural disasters and perilous occurrences. We will discuss this later. 

However, the existence of God is undoubtedly an established fact that is independent of any concurrence or acquiescent gestures from creatures that He has made. In that case, visible or invisible God is in existence. 

On the other hand, it is important to point out that there is no way one can attest to the reality of what one has no knowledge about. Although one may receive some news making around a particular technological breakthrough, inasmuch as one lacks experience of it, trust in such stories is just half baked unless otherwise there is a real touch experience. Recently, a man who went to jail ten years back was informed about the technological advancement taking place through computer. His reply was that such things were not real, and that they could only happen in the dream world. You see, telling things about God to so many who have not had an experience with God seem like fantasies, hence their disbelief in the existence of God.

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