Avoid Aberration Follow The Standard - Part One

Whenever anything is formed or established, the usual expectation is that growth should be made possible. If something stays stunted after being formed or established, it depicts a negative situation and should be tackled. It is important to state that before such a situation can be tackled the root cause of the situation should be ascertained. Uprooting the cause of the situation will definitely help in demising the situation and allows the sole aim and purpose of the establishment to manifest. However, the need for growth is very important but one cannot lose sight of the reality that is also important to make sure that the growth is in the right direction. This statement proves that, there is a positive and negative growth. A positive growth could be ascertained based on the performance of the establishment when juxtapose with the purpose and plan of the establisher. If the growth is in line with the objective of the establishment it is therefore in the right direction. This implies that a growth can be negative if it grows to display anything that does not represent the purpose, plan and objective of the establisher; though there is a visible growth. 

Therefore, it is right to say that every establishment should stand and display the thought, desire and intention of its establisher, that is, it symbolizes and expresses the thought of its owner and people could read the owner’s mind from it. In this case, if one wants to know what is in the mind of the establisher, one could tell it from his establishment because his establishment represents him. The goal therefore is that, through any establishment the idea of the establisher is induced and imparted in the world and before long the world is tending in the direction of the owner’s idea and concept. For instance, the world experience a drastic turnaround in the way and manner communication in different levels is being conducted since the advent of internet. The truth is that one cannot talk about internet without talking about coding; the world of internet is the coding world. The languages spoken in the internet world is coding language and for one to participate he or she should go learn coding. And in coding, you don’t just input anything, you must make sure it is in line with the coding codes if not the codes will not comply and the result will not manifest. It might interest you to know that as little as a coma is if found missing or placed in a wrong place, a volume of codes will not read. 

The point here is that there is a pattern to follow in order to make known and relatively advertise the idea and concept of any establishment if not the purpose and plan of the establishment will be defeated. And when the purpose is defeated, the effort put in place to establish the entity becomes a futile one. Therefore for success to be seen in any establishment pattern is a vital key. The lay down pattern or rules in dissipating the idea, plan and purpose of any establishment should be the root of growth and if ignored, a negative or stunted growth will occur and such is very detrimental to the establishment. Records are in place showcasing that many establishments that have followed the pattern of dissipating their ideas, plans and purposes to the public consistently have remained and have grown bigger and diversified. Consistency in their pattern means that what they are dissipating or giving out is trusted and reliable for public consumption. Irregularity in the pattern of the message means falsehood, because consistency means clarity and truthfulness. 

Truthfulness here can be defined by the level of trustfulness and dependability such message has imbued in the heart of people (receivers) when aligned with the idea, plan and purpose of the establishment. It means that if the message has imbued trustfulness and dependability in the heart of people and it is contrary to the idea, plan and purpose of the establishment it is therefore falsehood, the growth and progress of the establishment notwithstanding. The implication of this statement is that for instance if an establishment has stated in their policy that they will produce life giving products and they carried out heavy advertisement and made people believe that their products are life giving products and as a result people started making heavy purchases. If the standard organization of the country finds out that the components used in making the products are incomplete or fake, it means though they are making heavy sales and the public has accepted their product but by standard their product is fake because the standard organization has stated so. 

Here, the rules and policies of the standard organization of the country becomes the yardstick in measuring the standard of products produced in a country. Any product that fails its rules and regulations is faked no matter the level of its popularity or the level of public acceptance the product enjoys. Therefore, the opinion of the manufacturer and the public doesn’t matter rather the stipulation of the standard organization. Also, how well or bad the product performs in the market doesn’t count but the approval by the standard organization counts. For instance, a product might not perform well in the market but since it bears the seal of approval from the standard organization this guarantees its legitimacy. What is applicable in the public and civic institution is also applicable in the spiritual institution. The spiritual institutions have standards and their standards are pivoted around their spiritual book(s). All opinions, conducts and activities are justifiable based on the stipulations of the spiritual book and if the spiritual book says otherwise so be it. This deduces the fact that members or loyalists do not have opinion but should be humbled under the rules and regulations of the spiritual book. Any action contrary to its stipulation means disloyalty and should not be condoned for effective and efficient operation of the entity. 

To be continued........

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