If There Is God; Why This and That? (Part One)

Many people are displeased when one mentions God or anything about God to their hearing, just because of the presence of many things that are not supposed to be, according to them “if actually there is God.” So, they find it very difficult to flow along with these people who proclaim about God and the message of God. The amazing thing about these people is that many of them were born in homes where God is known as their God and they had worshipped Him at one time or the other; but along the line because of certain difficulties and maladies prevalent in their lives and even those around them, they decided to lose grip on God. Again, so many have heard that the situation in one’s life notwithstanding, if they come to God He will take it away. They were consequently advised to commit everything in the hand of God through prayer and even fasting. Based on this, they earnestly (to the best of their knowledge and ability) prayed and hoping that God, as they were told, will take the situation away. But as time went on the situation still lingered, and the only conclusion they could draw was that there is no God; for if there is, why didn’t He take the situation off? Therefore (according to them), the failure of God to meet their demands as they supposed means that He doesn’t exist. 

In the same vein, many must have heard that when one runs to God, He is the ultimate protector and that just in case one has an enemy God is able to do away with that enemy. And definitely now their enemies are on their necks and they have called on God to do something, probably to kill or destroy these enemies. And after consulting God as much as they could, to them, the lack of swift response seems to mean that God doesn’t have an ear to listen to their plea. Also, many who live in places that are prone to natural disasters and perilous occurrences sometimes query the existence of God, because to them if God does exist there is no way He would have kept quiet in the times of these horrible occurrences. 

Yet, many among these people are the ones who have worshipped God with all their heart and earnestly served Him with all their gift and talents. But in their life comes a particular need of which as true “servants” of God, there is no way God would not have given them solution to the problem, but here it is in their life God kept quiet as if the need doesn’t exist. For them, therefore, it is better to worship a kind of God that will answer prayers quickly and do things the way and manner they believe God should have done it. The ‘failure’ of God to rise up according to human desires and desperation to quench the devastating effects of some arduous and teething task facing humanity negates the claims for His existence. How would one think that there is God and earthquakes are claiming the lives of people and creatures that He created? And how would God be there and diseases are on rampage erasing people out of the face of the earth? And how would God be there and people are living dejectedly and in abject poverty? To worsen it all there is a disparity between people; some are rich and gaudily living their lives in luxury whereas others languish in penury. And if there is God, why is it that, the wicked go to the top rapidly and amass the best of the best for themselves and their families whereas those who “humble” themselves live like nobodies? Therefore, if there is really a God, and all these things are happening, and He keeps quiet, He is a partial God, these people may end up concluding. And it goes on and on. Note that most of these questions and arguments are coming from the educated elites who through their human reasons try to “humanize” God. They try to put God in their own shoes and not in His own shoes. 

However, majority of the elites are just denying the fact that there is God and that He does exist because they want to show off their smug life as well learned people who can come up and challenge some facts even if sometimes what they are chattering is baseless. And some of these elites do this because they have seen others do so. Therefore, they don’t just know better. Many of them who follow this group blindly, after carrying out some reconnaissance only to discover the truth that there is God, continue to stay put with this group because they don’t want to be vilified and called names by their companions. And so denouncing the existence of God is now a pronounced trend and designated motif or lifestyle among the elites of citadel of high learning in a way to grovel for more respect from colleagues and wards, in order to apparently and cursorily look important. 

Joining this bandwagon of modern mores in which people are repudiating that there is God, to some people, it is a neat means to escape the hook of being under the control of certain “unwanted laws” over their lives. Therefore, buying into this idea means freedom; because it will create a kind of consciousness in their inner being that there is no one above them and as a matter of fact they have their lives to live as they deem fit. They present on the platform the argument of morality; after all, they know what is right and what is wrong, and in that case the best life to live is to align oneself to the right path. This is wrong because it is based on human perception of what is wrong or right. Considering that we have different laws and rules guiding different countries, what people may consider a crime in one country could be excused or legalized in another country. But in God, what is wrong is wrong and that which is right is right without variations. 

Overtly, the earth was not created for the sake of it. It is a meaningful entity that is very useful to all the inhabitants and its Creator. However, it is important to note that, as needful as a product can be there is always a no go area on the body and the usage of the product. For instance, one is not expected to make use of a product that is expired and expect to have a profitable result out of such a product. The result of using such a product could be a harming consequence that will put the life of the user in danger. If one decides to purchase a car, driving it around is pleasurable, but it is important that one should be careful to make use of the car in a proper manner; if not getting hurt will be inescapable. It is improper for one to place one’s hand on the fan of the engine while the fan belt is running. The result will be a dismembering of one’s fingers if not the hand. But it is important to note that the engine of the car cannot run very well without the fan. That makes the fan as important as the engine in the car.

Source: Excerpts from the book "The Earth Is From Nothing"