Stop Accusing and Blaming God - Part One

After thorough studies and observations I have come to the conclusion that man’s failure to utilize his potentials on this earth is associated with three major glitches, namely Selfishness, Ignorance and Religion. These three major problems have led in the woeful performance of man on the scale of mental cum physical development and spiritual cum innate development. As a result of lack of better clarity buttress by selfishness, ignorance and religion man has continue to base most of his life engagements on the platform of assumptions or better still trials and errors and because of that he has remained at the abysmal level of performance though his potentials speak otherwise. 
Man’s conjectural life have over the thousands of years of his existence led him astray from the reality of who he is, and eventually made him to misplaced his priorities. Certainly, there is no way one can establish entities and institutions based on guesswork or rumor and expect them to have better foundations. It is not out of place if one says that most if not all the maladies, skirmishes, quibbles, killings, hatreds, discrimination, dichotomy, racism etc. are products of selfishness, ignorance and religion. Here, selfishness means self-centeredness, and that is when one wants the best or accrues the best for himself alone and thereby allowing others to languish in lack and penury. That is an attitude of ‘if it is not for me no one should have it’ and this behavior has caused great destruction to man, dating back in the days of Cain who killed his brother because of envy birthed by selfishness. Selfishness boxes an individual into a corner of self and such doesn’t give one the leverage to understand how relative things of this life are. Selfishness helps man to create a myopic view of life and as a result selfish people uses selfishness knowingly and unknowingly and directly and indirectly as a tool in destroying the humanness in man. Selfishness therefore, is a very big distortion to the supposed limpid nature of man and should be taken care of for man to move forward. Most of the recorded and known avarices, corruption and wickedness against humanity can be traced to selfishness and if only man can lose self the world will be better than as it is. 

The first man Adam went beyond the border of the directive given to him, because he wants to protect self. He decided not to own his fault because he wants to protect self and in order to clear self from the guilt God should be blamed for providing the woman to him. Notwithstanding that God gave him the directive as an expression of His love for him. Cain killed his brother, in order to boost the ego of self; he repudiated and abdicated his responsibility over his brother, and tried to question God’s right over his selfish decision. It means he killed his brother because he wants to protect his selfish integrity and God should be blamed for not accepting his sacrifice. This selfish thread has continued in the tract of man and has continued to ruin his existence even today. Jesus speaking to His disciples warned them of the danger of selfish aggrandizement on the expense on others, therefore, the assertiveness of one lording himself over others is a means to promote self and superimpose self on others. This character is one of the causes of dehumanization humanity is facing today and many are blaming God for what man opted for himself. So one hears people accusing God for some misfortunes fellow men brought to them because of their selfish appetite to rule, control and demeans others. The truth is that God is not in any man’s misfortunes and has never being the source of any! 

Man’s ignorance of the provisions God has made available to him has played major rules to the state of his backwardness and lack of necessary amenities in supporting his life here on earth. The truth is that God has made provisions for all that man needs in this life and therefore God should not be blamed if there is a lack of any at any time. The evidence to this fact is very overt and no one should deny it. The earth is full of wealth that can sustain man! The situation is that the level at which man has discovered is the level he can enjoy and God is not to be blamed for his lack. This level of ignorance stems from the bigger ignorance; which is the inability of man to identify and know his creator. Though, in the past many have claimed that they knew God but a closer examination of their conducts has revealed gross level of ignorance of knowledge of God in them. An example that calls to mind is a man called Job in the bible. This man was faced with calamities and in the overwhelming situation he accused God of being responsible for his calamities. He declared that “God has brought and has taken” in other words God who gave him wealth, riches and children is also the same God that has taken them. 

In the introduction of the book of job, it was stated cursorily that he knew God and that he has the right standing before God. The statement above showcases that he lacked the knowledge of who God is and because of that he accused God of what He didn’t do! Later in the same book of Job, he made it clear that he didn’t know God, that his believe in God was based on rumor. This kind of ignorance has prevailed over the ages and still going on till this day. God is being accused for every mistakes man has made and whatever man has permitted the devil to carry out against him. It is understandable from the story of Job that before the calamities came upon him, he was a man of fear, and was conducting all his supposed religious rituals and sacrifices based on fear and not of faith. He quipped that what he feared the most has come upon him! However, when Job understood better his confession of God changed and he made it clear that he misunderstood God and many people on this planet earth are still in the shoes of Job and they are blaming God for their misfortunes because they have known God by rumor and unfounded teachings. 

Therefore, because of lack of the exact knowledge of God many have created in their minds a kind of God that can suite their personal purpose and can be used to fight their enemies. So we see people employing the ‘hand’ of God to fight their enemies and if eventually things go the way they planned, it means God has involved Himself in their affairs and fought against their enemies and out of their elation, they made certain statements and such statement is accredited to God. Such statements are scattered over the books of the Old Testament and many who do not have the right knowledge of God are blaming God for statements made by men in the bible. They even go as far as calling such statements the words of God. An example of this is where prophet Isaiah said that God said “I form the light, and create darkness: I make peace, and create evil: I the LORD do all these things.” For one to understand this statement one has to decipher it properly to ascertain if actually is from God or not. The truth is that God never created anything evil and darkness cannot emanate from Him; therefore, this statement though correctly stated is not a statement of truth. Another person who made similar statement and is widely attributed to God is a woman called Hannah, the mother of Prophet Samuel. In her statement or prayer she said these words “The LORD killeth, and maketh alive: he bringeth down to the grave, and bringeth up”. Well, this is the statement of Hanna in prayer and God didn’t say such and the fact is, God cannot kill, and have not killed and will never kill because it is not in His character to kill. The only thing that proceeded from God is life and He is the giver of life and will always give life.

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