Stop Accusing and Blaming God - Part Two

Continued from the last episode:

This implies that if someone dies, no matter the circumstances that surround his or her death, God has no hands in it. The only person God has killed is Himself in Christ, and in this He died a sacrificial death to save man from death. And of course this sacrificial death is the source of eternal life He has offered to man. In the light of this understanding, it is proper to say that if while people are carrying out some religious activities and eventually they die or fail, it’s not God that killed them and God didn’t fail them. One thing that should be made clear is that God is not religious and He didn’t create any religion and is not involved in any religion! I said all of that to say this, that Christianity is not a religion and should no longer be seen as one. The truth is that over the ages and civilizations, many out of ignorance and selfishness have infused religion into Christianity. Nevertheless, that they did it and it is relatively unopposed doesn’t make their action correct and in fact that it is widely accepted by people that Christianity is a religion doesn’t make it correct. 

Religion is a means that man has created in the figment of his imagination in order to locate God and please Him by any means possible. Christianity is a way God has made in order to locate man and pleased Himself in Himself by establishing that relationship and union religion cannot offer man. In religion we found people offering things to God in order to please Him, and by so doing they believe God can give them whatever their heart desire is. So religious activities like fasting and praying is a means and tools they have created to seek for God’s favour. In their minds if they didn’t fast and pray God will not release the blessing they are supposed to gain from Him. So they worship, pray and fast so that material benefit can be released and if their expectation meets a waterloo, it means that God hates them, or He is not pleased with their prayers and therefore, they should intensify their efforts. And if they have done all they could and these material blessings are not being released to them it means that God has in His own discretion decided that such material benefit is not good for them. 

Religion therefore, has created a big distortion on the nature and identity of God and ignorant men all over the globe are blaming God for the failure of men who are religious in their manner of approach to God. The truth is that one doesn’t need to fast in order to gain any ‘material blessing’ in this world. And in fact one doesn’t need to know God in order to have any material blessing in this life; one can prosper materially to the zenith of his life in this world without God! The certainty is that, is not God that make people rich or poor, people make themselves rich or poor, based on the acumen they have in relation to the natural provisions God has put in place here on earth. Meanwhile one may ask if it is possible for God to influence the way and manner people especially believers acquire riches and wealth? The answer is yes! But fasting to gain material things is not one of them because the Scripture didn’t state so. On the other hand as Christians do we fast yes but not to gain material blessings. 

However, recently an incident took place in America where an 11 year old boy died because his Nigerian parents subjected him to 40 days fast because they were seeking material blessings from God. This incident provided an avenue for people to begin to open their mouth wide and started insulting and blaming God for his failure to provide for them. The demise of that boy has been blamed on God, and we know for sure is not God’s fault. There is no way God could have caused the death of that young boy. It is the mistake of his parents who are ‘assiduously’ seeking material blessing from a god they have created in their imagination. The God of Christians doesn’t give things, He gave Himself to them and inasmuch as you have Him you should understand that you have everything. The blessings from Him are called spiritual blessings and such blessings are imbedded in every believer that is in Him. 

Now, one of the dangers of religion is that it has created and baited greed and avarice in the hearts of men, religious people can never be satisfied. They always grovel for more and amass as much as they can in this world. They can go at any length to satisfy their greed and because amassing wealth is a means to impose and lord themselves against their fellow men. This is not Christianity and it is not of God. It will surprise you to know that many so called Christians that engage in ‘serious’ fasting and prayer for the acquisition of material gain and greater ‘spiritual power’ are motivated by their greed to acquire more not for any spiritual benefit. 

Again is important to point out that the sufficiency of every Christian is of God and that means, God is the sufficiency of every believer. The contentment of the believer is the expression of his godliness, therefore, our contentment is rightly found in the demonstration of our godliness which is not found in greed and acquisition of material things, because this superficial world is not our home and whatever we have acquired here we shall all leave behind. Therefore what is the need of suffering your body because of something you will someday leave behind and another will enjoy without sweat? On the other hand, on the day of reckoning no believer will receive any reward from our Lord because he or she acquired one ‘material blessing’ or the other rather how many souls he or she was able to reconcile to God. There’s only one ministry all believers have in God and that is the ministry of reconciliation (2 Corinthians 5:18-19).

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