"The Love Of Jesus Christ Is The Only Way": Actor Stephen Baldwin And His Compulsion To Share The Gospel "Every Chance He Gets"

Stephen Baldwin is a well-known actor, producer and author. He is also the brother of Hollywood star Alec Baldwin and the father of superstar model and the soon-to-be wife of Justin Bieber, Hailey Baldwin. He's also a born-again Christian who has been heavily involved in producing faith-based movies and TV shows since his conversion a number of years ago. (Screengrab of Hollywood Reporter photo/Stephen Baldwin)

Baldwin has an infectious personality, and has committed himself to sharing the Gospel by any means possible. In a two-part conversation on the Lucas Miles Show, Baldwin discussed his current and future media projects, as well as his experience of being a Christian in Hollywood.
Since becoming a Christian, Baldwin has had to sacrifice a huge amount of work in the secular entertainment industry, which has resulted in him being labeled a "Jesus Freak" by many producers and filmmakers.
"The fourth hit if you Google 'Stephen Baldwin' is the 'Jesus Freak of Hollywood,'" Stephen laughed as he got the conversation underway.
Sure, it's a ham-fisted description, but he's okay with it. Plus, Baldwin has had enough bad experiences with the pretentious Hollywood types to know that he wants to live differently—he is absolutely determined to treat each and every person he meets with respect and kindness.
"First time I had ever been on an airplane—my brother Alec flies me out to L.A. I get off the plane and there's one of the famous guys from Star Trek," he recalled. "I go over, and the guy was inconceivably disrespectful and rude to me. I was 17, and I said a prayer, bro. I said 'God, if you're up there'—I didn't know Jesus, but—'God if you're up there, if I ever become famous, I will never do what that guy just did.'"
Stephen said that he often explains to his PR person that if God is speaking and leading him to speak with someone about Jesus, he's gonna do it—even if it means he is going to be late to a Hollywood party!
So what about faith-based films? Are they getting any better?
"What's happening in Christian cinema is progressively getting better," Baldwin told host Lucas Miles. "But part of my calling is challenging Christians to be sure of their calling when they say 'the Holy Spirit is calling me to Hollywood.'"
"I say, you better be sure about that because satan's running Hollywood, brother," Baldwin said.
And what about your life outside of acting and producing?
"It's quite boring," Stephen laughed. "I live north of New York City on a farm. I go to Calvary Chapel. Those guys stick to the Word pretty close. When I'm working from the house, I just wanna be there to serve my wife and daughters."
A committed father, the actor explained how he is often checking up on his kids, albeit lightheartedly.
"My daughter Hailey, I'll just text her: "ten fingers, ten toes?'" he said, "and she'll just be like 'I'm good, Dad!'"
What are you working on at the moment? 
"I've made about 110 films in 30 years, so the Lord is always giving me ideas," Baldwin continued. "Film is so natural to me, I have to stay in touch with the Holy Spirit. I get ideas every day for, let's say, a Christian version of CSI or Law and Order
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