Why did God Create the Earth? (Part One)

This has been a resounding question on the lips of people, who of course after seeing how elaborate the issue of the existence of the earth is, could not help but ask this question. Though some ask in order to satisfy their craving desire in the field of knowledge, yet for some, unresolved issues about life leads them to ask. However, there are yet others who are doing so in order to burrow their nose in pride that they are wiser than the Creator of the earth. In all of these, it is important that answer to this question should be made available, if not the misnomer about the existence of the earth will continue and people will continue proffering and blathering wrong information to the tender hearts. 

Before we answer this question we should recognize the sovereign right of a producer over any product he produces. This sovereign right is what the producer or creator, as the case may be, has in deciding how the pattern or design of the product can be. In fact he has the sole right to do so, and nobody should have the temerity to ask him how? Well, if you still think you can go ahead and ask him how, the answer is that because the initiative is coming from him, therefore, he has the right to dictate the pace. For this reason people do accrue another legitimate right called patent to their products. This right makes it impossible for anyone to infringe their ownership right and this they can hold as long as they desire or as the laws of the land stipulates. 

Naturally, nobody ever manufactures or produces anything for the sake of it. Things are made to fill in gaps and serve some purposes in life. So we have seen many products, both in the past and in the present produced to meet man’s needs and to enhance his activities in life. There is a typical situation with all the products made by man to meet his needs, and that is why these products keep on varying from one level to another and to some, they never last longer. Also, because many cannot stand the test of time, their services are replaced by another product that is considered better. 

In the same vein, the earth was made by its Creator to serve a purpose and this purpose is mainly to satisfy the Creator. It is the desire of any producer to finally come up with a product that fulfills his desired aim. This explains why right from the onset he is aiming at obtaining satisfaction from the work of his hand irrespective of people’s views. This may sound selfish, but one cannot help it because the producer is the initiator. With this in mind, it is right to say that God created the earth to satisfy Himself, and to display His might. 

On the other hand people do go into production or manufacturing based on many other factors. For instance, some do go in because they have passion for such business and some do venture into production and manufacturing because it is just a means of becoming popular and wealthy. And yet some do because it is a matter of necessity. For such people, what drives them is that they just want to fill a vacuum that has been created by some certain situations and thereby help to alleviate problems. However, it is obvious that people who invent or produce things do that mainly to meet needs in the life of others, and the ability of such products to meet the supposed needs will of course prove their credibility. The higher the rate of its credibility the better the wisdom behind its establishment is valued and applauded. 

It is important to note that genuine and reliable products always bear on their bodies a label of content or a written description detailing the making of the products. On it, the nutritional and chemical content is stipulated coupled with how the product could be used. This directive from the producer to the consumer makes it easy for the consumer to use the product safely and eventually if the consumer thinks otherwise and decides not to follow the instruction of the producer; the producer is exonerate in the case of consequences. On the other hand evidence has shown that most genuine products that are of high profile sales are attacked by the evil minds and counterfeit producers whose stock in trade is to adulterate genuine products. These fake products are less effective and sometimes useless. The only aim of the fake producers is to maximize profit and eventually pollute the genuineness of the original product. As a result of this, the final consumers are always affected badly. 

The above is the same with the teachings of theories and hypothesis about the existence of the earth and how the earth was formed, these theories and hypothesis are just a clear aberration to the authentic teachings. For this reason, the inhabitants of the earth are taking everything for granted because they have been taught to believe that the earth has no creator and therefore should be mishandled. The aftermath of these teachings is the depletion we are having on the surface of the earth. Suffice it to say that if we learn the right teachings about the earth and its existence we will certainly respect the features found on the earth and actually use and work with them appropriately. 

However, let’s consider this, that whatever factor that motivates any producer to setup a production outfit to produce products that satisfy the yearning of people, the fact is that that individual has the sole right to decide on what to do at the inception of his business and has little or no outside influence. However, producing and manufacturing things is always a pleasurable activity and it is delightful to behold things that one has put together manifesting to a meaningful stage. Before the manifestation of the product it existed in the mind of the producer, and as a matter of fact, one gets excited seeing his dreams and aspiration coming true. Literally, it is gratifying for one to see a product that is tagged with his name or company’s name on it and people know him by the product and if he walks along the street people point at him as the owner of such product. 

So many notable products make their producer popular. Once such product is mentioned, the name of its creator rings like a bell in the ears of people. Therefore, it is not possible to separate an individual from his product. In the same vein we cannot separate the earth from God, because in God the earth is found and in the earth the Wisdom of God is made manifest. Therefore, any meaningful discussions about the earth without cognizant to the fact that God is its creator will definitely amount to futility because one cannot resolve on the effect while leaving out the cause.