Why did God Create the Earth? (Part Two)

Continued from the last episode:

“Thou art worthy, O Lord, to receive glory and honour and power: for thou hast created all things, and for thy pleasure they are and were created.”

Revelation 4:11 KJV

In all teachings and histories that we have heard, no one has ever come out to claim ownership of the earth, except the God of the Bible. He boldly teaches us in His infallible Word that He made the earth and everything that is in it. 

“Now therefore, if you will indeed obey My voice and keep My covenant, then you shall be a special treasure to Me above all people; for all the earth is Mine.”

Exodus 19:5 NJKV

Also see (Acts 17:24).

Why did He make the earth? His Word teaches us again that it is for His own pleasure. If God didn’t have the wisdom to create the earth, the earth wouldn’t have come into existence. Therefore, because He has the wisdom He decided to express Himself by making the earth possible and then He chose to relish in the pleasure of what He has made. It is important to note that during the creation of the earth and its physical features, God had a close look at everything He had made and examined their standard; and after a rigorous examination He echoed goodness on them. This assertion of goodness from God depicts a kind of pleasure He derived from the work of His hand while beholding it. His Word tells us that, 

“Then God saw everything He has made, and indeed it was very good” 

Genesis 1:31 NKJV

So we’ve conceded that it is for God’s pleasure the earth and everything therein was made. Notice that anyone who comes up with a product that is fantastic and is meeting important needs in the life of people receives glory or praise for doing that. Many organizations will call him to give him one award or the other. He is recognized in his immediate society and beyond. So it is not wrong to say that most people who go into inventions do so because at the end their invention will bring glory and praise to them. God created the earth not just for His pleasure alone, but also for His glory and praise. 

This actually explains why He made Man and other creatures and imparted wisdom on them. So when man perceives the dazzling handiwork of God in the space and on the surface of the earth, he cannot help but give Him glory. Acknowledging this fact by men, that they are created for the glory of God and responding to it by giving God the glory that is due Him, is a duty that men have been called for; and therefore should not be seen as something exceptional when performing the act. See Isaiah 46:10.

On the other hand, the assertion of goodness also reveals that whatever God made is perfect and fits into His intended purpose for which that particular object or thing is made. For instance, after creating the sun and the moon, God looked at their quality, their contents, and their effects on the surface of the earth, and their method of operation and God ascertained that everything is in order, and then He proclaimed, “It was very good” (Genesis 1:31).

The implication of such a statement shows that there was nothing God made that was short of the standard of the purpose for which it was made. A close scrutiny of all the things we can see with our unclad eyes that God made shows that they all fit in for their purposes in a way that guarantees no room for insinuation of an alternative that would be seen as better. Another point to reckon with is the fact that the earth is created for habitation (Acts 17:26). The things that God created and filled the earth with are to habit the earth, reproduce and multiple to relish the succession of life ascribed to them. 

“For thus says the LORD, who created the heavens, who is God, who formed the earth and made it, who has established it, who did not created it not in vain, who formed it to be inhabited: I am the LORD, and there is no other.”

(Isaiah 45:18) 

However, it is understandable that nothing is being created for the sake of it. Anything that comes into existence is here for a purpose and therefore, we have seen that the earth and everything inside it were created for the pleasure and glory of their Creator, God Almighty. This also shows that the way and manner the creatures will bring glory to Him and the way He would like them to be so that He can derive the pleasure He desires from them is His personal opinion. For this reason, He has destined and designed everything according to His will with no human will permitted to supersede His will, because His will is final. 

Just in case there are things we don’t understand, and things that are happening whose reasons of occurrence cannot be fathomed, we should study and know why they are happening. Whereby we are unable to actualize our aim so be it, hence we keep on studying till we arrive at a concluding state.
The man who manufacture computer knows the secret of computer. Also, the man who came up with the idea of the internet knows the secret behind it. If anyone wants to know more about any of these things, the fellow should as a matter fact study the computer or the internet to find out more about them. 

On the other hand, you cannot say the internet or computer is a fluke just because you took some time out to study about them but did not arrive at a concluding state. But one thing is clear; the manufacturer of any product cannot be forced to release the secret of his product, because it is his sovereign right to hold on to it for as long as he deems fit. No one can force God to release the secret of how He made the world, because it is His sovereign right. But we are expected to keep and work with the ones He has made known to us. This explains the biblical injunction in Deuteronomy 29:29. 

However, many things thought to be mysteries yester years are no longer mysteries, because the secret behind their existence and the way and manner they operate have been made known through serious commitment and studying. This is one of the reasons God imparted greater wisdom to human beings, so that they can study about the work of His hands and realize some facts about them. 
The facts we get about some of the features that are found on the face of the earth are very awesome and for that reason we should give glory to the One who made them.