Why Most People Do not Believe In God’s Existence (Part One)

It is common thing in our society to find people in every stratum keenly asking this question of God’s whereabouts. The statement has been, “if there is God, where is He?” To them, inasmuch as God is not visible to unclad eyes, there is no point saying that He exists. This factor of invisibility has become a hard nut for many to crack. For this reason many who would have liked to believe in God decided to think otherwise. The attention has been placed on a kind of God that is visible, and can be located and reached to ask some questions. People have always wanted a kind of God that they can pay visit anytime they desire and probably have some cups of tea with, thereafter lay their needs and frustration on Him. And perhaps, they have wanted a kind of God that they will reach out to and ask Him to teach them how He made this world, so that they will start creating their own world. It is unbelievable that someone made this magnificent world and He’s nowhere to be found, at least He should appear once in a while so that people can count on Him and be very careful in most things they get themselves involved. 

At least if God is visible many will not like to go contrary to His will. At least they will fear Him because they have seen how big He is, even a little of his finger can cut their life off. For this reason they want a God they will see physically and fright about because He is seen with unclad eyes. There are yet many who have wanted a God that they can reach out to and demand His assistance in destroying their enemies with all alacrity. And so it is that if this kind of God that people have created according to their thoughts doesn’t exist, it means that there is no God. Many have argued that it is stupid to believe in somebody that you cannot see. Well, to them it is an awkward situation to be. 

It is so much a stroppy situation for man, mainly who is always miserable and vulnerable to so many harsh and smothering conditions and needed a God that is always handy but couldn’t find Him. They want to see Him so that they can question Him why He created them and put them in such a situation that is terrible, I mean a world that is horrific. For this reason they are repelled when the name ‘God’ is mentioned because He cannot be exculpated from the situation they find themselves in this world. Yet we see many who are working assiduously, campaigning and making it known to people that God exists though they have not seen Him with their unclad eyes. 

“Thomas, because you have seen Me, you have believed. Blessed are those who have not seen and yet have believed.” 

John 21:29 NKJV 

The issue is this, why would these people believe that there is God and He does exist without seeing Him with their unclad eyes? And again, why would people take up the option of dying because of their belief in God and His existence if there is no inner conviction? For these reasons, I think that it is important to verify their stance in this matter. To this category of people, the invisibility of God doesn’t matter, because to them it is an impious proof that God does not exist. The invisibility of God cannot be the yardstick to ascertain the existence of God, because there are lots of things that the unclad eyes cannot perceive, but their existence has been confirmed by their activities. Even as human beings there are times we existed but do not know that we did. Existence began to have impact in the life of human beings when they come off age of recognizing things and remembering events that happen around them. Children that are in between the ages of 1–3yrs cannot emphatically say what happens around them, though they existed but because their sense faculties have not developed. It takes another person who is matured to narrate to the children what happened during their infancy days. 

To be continued 

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