Christ is Your Environment (Part Twelve) Identifying With The Nature Of Christ In You - Part Two

Also in a believer’s life, malice should not be there, that a believer is not one who goes about keeping malice with people either in the faith or outside faith. In life offense must come from whomever, so is like kind of normal thing that people can get one offended either by commission or omission. However, to a believer there is an inner ability given to him or her by the Holy Ghost to refrain from reprisal and let go things. In the previous episodes we talked extensively on the issue of love or charity. The heart of a believer is filled with love which the Holy Ghost has poured out abroad on his heart. In a heart filled with love, there is no space for malice and hatred, and that is why it is almost impossible for a believer to harbor malice and hatred in his heart. 

Hence, if such a nasty attribute wants to crop up in the heart of the believer, believer has no option than to put it off because such is not in his making. Keeping malice is an indictment to the nature of the believer; because it means his heart is filled with ‘unforgiveness’ and one time Jesus was address a set of people and He cautiously said that anyone who forgives those who forgives them cannot call God his father. And God is the father of the believer and He does not discriminate and gives sun shine and rain to all (Matt 5:43-46). This should be the attitude of the believer and hence the reason to put off malice. 
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The next thing we are asked to put off is blasphemia (blasphemy) which is the Greek word used in this text. Blasphemia means vilification (especially against God), evil speaking and railing. Let’s consider this, Jesus while teaching His audience said this and I quote “O generation of vipers, how can ye, being evil, speak good things? for out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaketh.” (Matt 12:34). Therefore, blasphemy or vilification, evil speaking and railing proceeds from the mouth of the speaker but they are not the product of the mouth. Though the mouth speaks but they are emanating from the heart, as a result, they are the product of the heart of an individual. 

Note that for one to be in Christ he or she must have heard the message of Christ and believed it in his heart before confession is made from his mouth. Someone who has accepted the message of Christ did that from his heart and confessed what he believed in his heart through his mouth. When the Spirit of God comes to dwell in him, He dwells in the heart of the believer and not in the mouth of the believer; the essence of this is that the believer will not have any occasion to spew utterance(s) that are not consistence with the character of the indwelling Spirit in him. Hence the believer is advised to put off all forms of blasphemy or words that are blasphemous because they don’t represent the presence or identity of the Spirit of God dwelling in him. 

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The more reason the believer should do this is because he has been sanctified by the blood of Jesus immediately he accepted Christ, the blood purified him from his sins and made him whole. The sanctification didn’t take place on his body, I mean is not like washing the body of an individual with the blood of Jesus, the sanctification took place in his heart, henceforth his heart is set to produce things that are pure. Now, like stated in the previous episode; that the heart of a man is his core or the center of his being. It is pertinent therefore, that sanctification should take place in the heart because if it takes place in the heart which is the core of a man’s life it will definitely affect every other aspect of man’s activities. 

If the heart is sanctified, the whole being is cleansed and made pure. It becomes a necessity that the man who has been sanctified should put off blasphemous talks and utterances from his mouth because it doesn’t identity with the man who he has become in Christ. Also, is very important to note that, a man can dress very nice and appears respectfully that people will appreciate him and can bet that he is a gentleman. 
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But not until he opens his mouth to speak, such status is not guaranteed. Though he dressed nicely and appears respectfully, if he start spewing things that are unbecoming, the impression his dressing has created among people or his listeners will immediately disappears because his heart has been laid bay and unfortunately what is inside it is rotten. And no reasonable person can associate with such a fellow his dressing notwithstanding! 

The next thing every believer should put off is filthy communication or disgusting communication. Filthy communication here means those words or communications that are abhorrent, vile, absurd speaking, such words and communication are repugnant in nature and as a result tingles the ear. They are an irritation to an ear that has been justified and cannot be condoned by it. Such words scares one away from the speaker, because they are not seasoned with the right ingredient that typified the life of a believer, though he or she is a believer but because of the kind of words that he or she utters fellow believers are not attracted to him or her. 

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The truth is that words are products of our mind or reasoning, and that is why Apostle Paul advise believers thus “And be not conformed to this world: but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, that ye may prove what is that good, and acceptable, and perfect, will of God.” (Rom 12:2). Now it is understandable that the things that will irritate a believer are those things that are of the world, because the world and the believer have nothing in common. 

Therefore, at any time a ‘believer’ is found being at home with vile and despicable words and communications, now this is a problem, that believer has work to do and that is to renew his minds because the product of his mind is filthy or dirty. He can only renew his mind by listening and mediating (meditation is the key word here) on the word of God and hearing other believers who are matured in faith speaks, learn how they speak to others, who are of the same faith and those who are without. Because there is an adage that says when a mother goat chews the cud, the young goat watches and imitates the mother goat and as time goes on the young goat gets matured in the skill of chewing cud. 
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This is very pertinent because words and communication matters a lot in relationship with one another, therefore, it is interesting to know that is how one is skillful in the act of communication that can seal and maintain his or her relationship with another. Most relationship that never lasted is as a result of improper communication between the parties involved in the relationship.

To be continued......

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