Cuba: Great displays of courage as Cuban Christians say no to same sex marriage

Rallies are being held, where speakers like Pastor Lester Fernandez say, "We do not in any way approve Article 68 ... because the Bible condemns it." Speeches are being met with wild applause.

It takes real courage for Christians to stand for truth anywhere. But in Cuba? Let's just say we could learn a thing or two from our island brothers and sisters.

Cuba is considering a change to its constitution that would make it the sixth Latin American nation to legalize same-sex marriage. The government will submit it to a referendum early next year.

Such referenda are not unheard of in dictatorships only, unlike a true democracy, "people" are often expected to rubber-stamp the government's already-made decision.

But, this time around, the proposed change has run into unexpectedly strong opposition in the island nation just south of Key West. I say unexpected for two reasons. First, since the Cuban Revolution in 1959, ordinary Cubans have not only had no real say in the country's laws, they rarely dared to make their opinions known.

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