If There Is God; Why This and That? (Part Two)

Continued from the last episode 

Most of the electronic gadgets that we have in our homes are very important and useful to us, that sometimes it is very hard for us to do without them. Yet on the body of these electronic gadgets we are warned not to touch certain areas for the danger of electrocution. But are these electronic gadgets useful? Yes is the answer. The immense contribution of electricity to the economic development of the people as well as nations cannot be over accentuated. But it is a well-known fact that electricity is very dangerous, yet without it the economic growth will fall to the lowest indices. The tooth paste is a beautiful product that has been produced to enhance the living condition of man. But while using the tooth paste we have to consider the fact that it is improper to swallow the paste, because the result of such act might be a visit to a Doctor. In that case, for us to get the optimum service we desire from the tooth paste, the tooth paste must be used within the regulatory areas; given that anything beyond will likely lead to health issues. In our cities, the highways are mapped out for vehicles to ply them and convey goods and services to people. Though the roads are made for man and vehicles to use but it will be termed as reckless if one decides to cross the road without watching the movement of the vehicles. 

It is therefore, not wrong to say that there is always a method or modality to apply in the usage of any product or service in order to utilize it and at the same time be safe in the usage. No product was created and package for use without some kind of adverse effects. It is the duty of the user to carefully go through the cautions stated by the producer of the product and follow them as stipulated. There is no way we can ignore the principles by which a certain product is run and maintained and expect to maximize the benefit derived from such a product. Sometimes, the components that keep these principles in place in the body of the product could be very harmful and dangerous to touch or inhale, but the truth remains that the existence of such a product cannot be without these components. The petrol in the engine of a car is a very volatile substance and requires much caution to handle. But for combustion to take place in the engine the petrol has to be there. Therefore, without petrol, the principle that puts the car in motion will not be realistic, and in fact even some minor components of the car can cause a breakdown on the car. 

Let it suffice to say that the Creator of the earth made the earth and put principles that will stir and stabilize the smooth running of circles of operations on the face of the earth. When such movements take place sometimes it appears dangerous and awful to behold, but the truth remains that without such movements on the face of the earth there will be an incomplete process of the operation. We cannot talk ill of the sun during the summer or dry season as the case may be because there must be summer or dry season in order to have a complete process of the earth’s operation. Before the advent of any season on the face of the earth, there must be some movements of the winds during which there is no doubt that the winds might cause damages along their courses. We should not say negative things about the winds because they must come before seasons are ushered into the process. 

“He dwells in desolate cities, in houses which no one inhabits, which are destined to become ruins.” 

Job 15:28 NKJV 

According to the verse above, it is clear that there are many desolate places on the face of the earth that are not suitable for habitation, and therefore, man should never think of living in such places (Job 3:14). The natural phenomenon does take place at intervals of tens of years and thousands and some on regular bases as yearly occurrences. And yet what we find in the world today is that these places that lie within the trajectory of these phenomenon are occupied by people and oftentimes than not the natural phenomenon exercise their duties as supposed. The result is that people lose their lives and properties and God is blamed for it. We have a situation where people find fun in going to live and inhabit islands surrounded by mighty oceans. Knowing full well that the winds from these oceans can once in a while perform their duties and as a result anything that is found on their paths would be destroyed, yet the occupants of these islands will place the blame on God. This occurs year in and out and the occupants resort to ask for aims from the world instead of taking a step forward to relocate from these axis of the winds. 

Important to note is that evidence has shown in recent time that the rampant and repeated occurrence of these natural phenomenon is as a result of man’s alteration of the atmospheric equation. Scientists have revealed that the industrial activities of man have caused great pollution in the atmosphere and have helped to cause damage on the ozone layer. It is needful to say that the well-established balanced atmospheric equation on earth put in place by its Creator to propel the atmospheric activities of the earth in a way it is conducive; has been distorted by humans. The depletion of the ozone layer has resulted into what the scientists termed global warming. This global warming has forcefully induced a drastic change in the climatic condition of the earth, which is why there are so many natural disasters occurring in recent times. Many who are concerned are busy organizing seminars and conferences on these issues, and to see how they can help instill the intricacies of global warming to people and how the industrial world could curtail their continuous bombardment of the atmosphere with their pollution. It is alarming to know that in recent times the industrial world is bombarding the atmosphere with carbon monoxide to the tune of about forty (40) billion tons yearly. The situation in most of the industrial cities is that the inhabitants of these cities are begging for fresh air which is normally supposed to be a free gift from the atmosphere. The obdurate stances of the industrial world to their policies has not helped matters and as a matter of fact they would rather make sure that their industrial ascendency gets to the climax than to see the atmospheric condition of the earth’s environment improved. 

It is interesting to know that the man who made electricity a reality is applauded for his invention, and if there is an electrocution incident he is not to be blamed for inventing electricity, rather the person involved is blamed for carelessness. The same goes for a man crossing the main road and is hit by a moving vehicle. The blame is laid on either the man behind the wheel or the man crossing the road for not managing the situation very well. The man who manufactured the vehicle cannot be blamed for the incident because he has made a good product but the users couldn’t manage the product well. Therefore, suffice it to say that it is the activities of man that have caused great damage to the earth and as a result man is reaping what he has sown. 

Sometimes we hear of outbreak of diseases in certain places and people die in their numbers. In most cases, as a result of rapid intervention of medical practitioners and government agencies, such situations are brought under control. We know that many outbreaks of diseases take place as a result of the reaction of bacterium and germs in the body of their host. Though it is a fact that most diseases are inherited, but these inherited diseases are not contagious as the ones spread by bacterium, germs and virus. However, if man has decided not to keep his environment tidy, he has just succeeded in spreading contiguous diseases, and the consequence is always death. God should not be held responsible for our carelessness.

Source: Excerpts from the book "The Earth Is From Nothing"