Let's Cogitate On Proverbs 10:22

“The blessing of the LORD, it maketh rich, and he addeth no sorrow with it.” Provb 10:22 (KJV) 

Let me start by clarifying what the quotation above didn’t say, and that is, it didn’t say that the blessing of the LORD is riches, but the blessing of the LORD adds, makes or brings riches. This implies that the blessing is not riches. On that note, one can confidently say that the blessing is not riches, and that it can stand alone without riches and riches cannot stand without it, also, that the blessing therefore is the cause whereas the riches are the effects. The quotation above went ahead to categorize the nature of the riches the blessing adds, it says that the riches from the blessing will not add sorrow, which suggests that there are riches that adds sorrow, but the riches from the Lord’s blessing cannot add sorrow. Deducing from the quotation above again, one can equally say that is not every riches that comes from the blessing, which means that riches can come from the blessing and can as well come from another source, but how to differentiate the riches that come from the blessing is that it cannot add sorrow. 

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This blessing is called “the blessing of the LORD”, which specifically indicates that it comes from the LORD and as a matter of fact, the other blessings that add riches with sorrow can come from another source which is not the LORD’s because the blessing of the LORD has been defined in the quotation above. The fact to consider here is that if the blessing of the LORD is not riches, what does the term “The Blessing Of The LORD means? Again, considering the fact that it is called “the blessing” and not a blessing supports the fact that it is unique and particular in nature. The uniqueness and fastidiousness of the blessing is attached to the source of it, which is God and the reverse is the case if the source is something other than God. If the blessing of God adds riches, it could be described as a fulcrum that empowers one to be rich in line with God’s purpose and plan for oneself. Because if the blessing is coming from God; it will certainly be a placement that is rooted within the counsel of God’s will. So we have seen that the evidence of the blessing is the manifestation of riches but before we look at what the riches stand for let’s continue to see more of what the blessing is. 

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Here, it is important to note that the blessing doesn’t come to any man as in a physical or tangible thing but it comes in form of declaration or utterance from either God or man. “And I will make of thee a great nation, and I will bless thee, and make thy name great; and thou shalt be a blessing” (Gen 12:2). Suffice it to say that blessing in most cases if not all the time comes from a source or authority that is higher than the receiver (Gen 12:2, 27:12). This is possible because heat will always flow from a higher concentrated point to lower concentrated point, therefore it must be the higher that blesses, in other words the least cannot bless the higher. Furthermore, it is interesting to know that the higher doesn’t necessarily mean the bigger in shape or structure, and not the elder in the family structure, but he that has the authority. Authority here again speaks volume, in the sense that authority to bless is where the issue stands, because one cannot utter or declare blessing if the authority is not bestowed on him if not it becomes a futile exercise (Gen 12:2). 
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If blessing must emanate from an authorized source, it should then be seen as a thing that has an invisible force backing it up. As earlier stated, blessing is a declaration or an utterance which makes it a spoken word, and as a spoken word is done without strenuous physical effort and yet it carries an effective force bringing it to reality. This force invades the environment of the receiver and begins to cause dynamic changes that every other forces around sometime cannot have an answer to, inasmuch as the receiver rightly position himself (Gen 27:35 – 36). This also indicates that sometimes if not all the time the effectiveness and actualization of the blessing depends on the standing of the receiver, which has a lot to do with the attitude of the receiver towards what he has received. That is why it is not good to cast pearls on swine, that of course will become a wasted opportunity and a generation may be wasted because the blessing carrier didn’t stand rightly to execute what was given to him.

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