The New Testament Demystifies The Nature Of God And The Location Of His Kingdom

Several scenarios played out in the book of Genesis indicating intimate relationship between man and God, starting from Adam to Abel and Cain, to Enoch, Noah, Abraham etc. In this relationship that involves the names of those mentioned, God’s caring character was conspicuous even when mistakes and disobediences occur, He fixes them (Genesis 4:10 – 15, 8:21-22). This is an implication that making mistakes or man’s mistakes in the fellowship or relationship has never been the issue but man’s inconsistency in fellowshipping and relating with God. Backing off from a relationship is not in the dictionary of God as a result God had never walked away from any relationship that He had with man. It has been the fault of man and man is always the one walking away from God and God has been the one looking for man (Genesis 3:9-10, 4:16). 

In the beginning of the Old Testament we saw man looking vulnerable in the protection and provision of God that is purposive and yet man demanded a conditional relationship between him and God. God didn’t invade their will but He did allow them to their decision. As a result God was not totally involved in that relationship, it was Angels that operated and ordained that covenant (Acts, 7:3, Galatians 3:19, Hebrew 2:2-3) because God wanted children or family not subjects (Ephesians 3:15, John 1:12, 1 John 3:1-2). That covenant couldn’t stand the test of time because of man’s weakness and such couldn’t produce the needed relationship between God and man. 

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However, God himself came into the situation in order to rescue man from the heaviness of that covenant and eventually annulled it (Jeremiah 31:31 – 33, Hebrew 8:7, 10:9), a demonstration of His love to mankind. Due to the weakness involve in the practice, the manifestation and revelation of God in the Old covenant was partial and because of that the comprehension of who God truly is was oftentimes misconstrued, and because of that attributes that are not of God is in most cases ascribed to God (Genesis 38:8 – 10, 1 Kings 22:20 - 23, Job 1:12, 21, 2:3). Such unsuitable representation of God’s character and nature should be rescinded and repealed. The misgiving generated by the notions instilled in the message by the messengers and interpreters of the Old Testament did not help matters and surely the incoming covenant will have to demystify the glitches in order for the true nature of God to be made known.

Overtly, there was nothing wrong with the message(s) the messengers received but due to lack of precise knowledge (epignosis) there was no concise understanding of the message(s) and hence loopholes were created and such gave room to the goof that induced the gulf between man and his Creator. And it is interesting to know that Satan couldn’t wait to utilize the opportunity because ignorance is on parade on the side of man. 

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The annulment of the old order means the introduction of the Kingdom of God here on earth (Matthew 3:2, 4:23, 6:10, 33). Which of course indicates that anything that happened in the old order, no matter how bravura it appears, is just an impression caused by the angels and lacks the real substance because it is the shadow of the real to come (Colossians 2:17). Therefore, the Old Testament does not have what it takes to reveal God’s glory and whatever that happened in it, no matter how glorious it appears is actually not the real glory of God, (2 Corinthians 3:7, 9, 10,18, 4:6). The real glory of God will appear right inside man, the Kingdom of God is not going to be ascertained again by observation or dictates of events and manifestations but should be established and rooted in man (Luke 17:21). 

This Kingdom of God that will be rooted in man is ushered into being by the New Covenant (Hebrews 10:9). The variations and weakness nature of the Old Covenant will not be noticed in the New Covenant because; the New Covenant is not going to be operated by the blood of animals (Hebrews 9:7, 12-14). The weakness of the Old Testament was prevalent in the imperfection of man before God (Hebrews 7:11, 19, 10:1). The will of God for man is that he should be perfect before Him. That is to say, man should at any time have the right standing before God blameless in all ramifications. 
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The animal blood sacrifice conducted in the Old Testament makes the Testament to lack the potency to proffer lasting solution to man’s common problem. That is why anyone under that covenant obtains a temporary solution which is why it is renewable yearly. So under the Old Testament the problem is not taken away but could be maintained or controlled. The Old Testament, therefore, becomes a means to get along with God, and could not be the end to God because it lacks the capacity. The Old Testament could be defined as the Testament of promises and not a Testament of fulfillment. That is why, all the visions and practices in the Old Testament are pointing to the promises and these promises will be fulfilled in a Man Christ (Galatians 3:16, Hebrews 8:6) 

The temporary nature of the Old Testament was explicit in the form of its writing, it was written on stone, which reflects the level of carnality in it. This shows that its origin is not emanating from eternity and of course cannot solve a problem that is eternal. Therefore, nobody is qualified to obtain eternal life by it because it lacks the capacity to do so (Galatians 2:16), the only thing obtainable by this covenant is the awareness of sin and to condemn or make all men guilty (Romans 3:19, 7:7 – 10). The Old Testament, was very active in ministering death and not life, therefore, it is seen as a covenant of death because it ministers death.

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