What Is The Platform of Your Judgment – Part One

The Platform of Your Judgment – Part One 

Text of interest: 

“And not holding the Head, from which all the body by joints and bands having nourishment ministered, and knit together, increaseth with the increase of God.” 

Colossians 2:19 

The determinant of action and reactions in life is our sense of Judgment. The judgment we have as regards to any issue in our life will determine the reaction we are going to receive from the issue. Hence, is important to say that having issues in life is very normal after all we are humans, and the lives of humans are full of issues. As contradictory as they are, issues are what make life to be meaningful or meaningless and it all depends on the judgment of the individual in question. 

Therefore, I would like to say that it is not about what happened to us but about what we do with what has happened to us. So, whatever that happens does not matter but what we have made out of it should become our concern. As the saying goes different strokes for different folks; surely, there are many who have had encounter with terrible situations in life and yet they came out of them victoriously because they have the right sense of judgment within and while the situation lingers. A relive of their stories will suggest otherwise to so many people who I supposed do not always have the right sense of judgment and to them is just a makeup tales or allegories. One’s judgment in every situation he or she finds himself or herself will determine what and what he or she can make out of the situation and therefore, such will definitely determine how he or she is going to excel in life because life becomes meaningful or meaningless as a result of how better we handle issues. 

For sure, there are issues that crops up in life that one needs to deal with them without delay and vacillation and if not handled in that manner, the backlash becomes inimical and can continue to tell on one’s life in his or her life time. And of course there are issues that if one hastens to handle, they become a barb in one’s life and over a period of his or her life time; therefore, it requires that one should have the right sense of judgment in other to have successful life on this planet earth. Is very important to indicate that for one to have the right sense of judgment it must depend on the platform he or she must have relied on over time. That is, where one receives or seeks out his or her information or ideas matters as he or she handles issues in life. The bases which forms or builds his or her platform in resolving issues in life will definitely determine the kind of discernment he or she is going to have when issues crop up in life. 

The bases become the means to construe what the platform should be and the platform overtime becomes the routine and manner of handling things in the life of the individual in question and this definitely gives a definition to what his or her way of life is. And because he sees things differently from the way and manner people sees it and as a result he or she handle issues differently from the usual way other people do, notwithstanding that the issue is a common one. The fact remains that in any issue that crops up in our live our perception to it stems from the platform we have built which also construes our perceptions. This as a matter of facts forms one’s character and determines the kind of forces he or she attracts.

Do let us know how much this teaching has impacted your spiritual life and do not delay in making known any misgivings you have about it. For better clarity, we are ready to handle things maturely and spiritually.