Covenant: In The Law Sin Is Revealed And God Cannot Invade The Will Of Man

On the contrary, they decided to settle for a conditional relationship between them and God. And this covenant which they reached with God in it is the revelation of sin, because the dos and dons in it became serious obligations for them to carry out, and it was obvious they couldn’t help themselves out of its clutches. But somehow in a way to soften the pedal or to create a relief for them, the covenant has some kind of ‘antidotes’ if failure occurs. 

These antidotes are called sin offerings and is carried out by slaughtering animals for sacrifices (Lev 4:3, 20-21, 24) in order to prevent the consequences of their failures on them. These antidotes were not a permanent solution to their sins but it paves the way for the mercy of God to prevail over their life (Lam 3:22 Titus 3:5 - 7), if not, based on the requirement and the legal standing as stipulated in the covenant total annihilation should take place because the eye of God cannot behold sin (Hab 1:13). 

Also it is important to note that for an animal to be accepted for any sin offering or sacrifice, it is mandatory that the animal must be whole and blameless. So the satisfactory status is not based on the sinner but on the sacrificial animal, therefore, the sinner is accepted based on the soundness of the animal he brought. However, remember the legal standing is that anyone that sins should or must die (Gen 2:17, 3:3, Ezek 18:4). As a matter of fact, for forgiveness of sin to rightly take place it requires a blood of a man and not animal, animal blood is not capable to remit the sin committed by man (Heb 10:4 - 10, 12, 14, 17 -18). 

As a result of their incessant failure in carrying out their rightful obligations as required or stated in the covenant, they were unable to receive the right responses from God even in their dire situations. And here God is not to be blamed because the relationship is anchored on if you do I do, so God will only respond rightly if they have done rightly. This failure (sin) continues to separate them from God and it does as if God could not hear or answer them in the days of trouble (Isa 59:1-11). 

Note, like said in the earlier episodes, God created man and gave him a right to make choice (Gen 2:16-17, Deut 30:19), this right to make choice becomes man’s will and God cannot invade man’s will unless man gives him permission to do so. The situation playing out here is not God’s making but man’s making because of the choice(s) he has made and of course no decision is without consequence(s). 

But one thing was consistent in this relationship and that was the love of God for his people. He loved them so much that He couldn’t allow them to be pummeled by sin always and as a result He has to intervene in their situation. The separation wasn’t God’s plan for man, but as far as making of choice is concerned man’s will has to prevail over God’s will until man wishes that his will should be overthrown by that of God’s (Luk 22:42, Heb 10:9). God’s love is the only thing that can terminate the existence of this separation and God by His love decided to help fulfill the Law and ultimately remove the separation between Him and man. If not for the love of God, under the law there are unavoidable consequences for defaulters (Hew 2:2). 

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The only way He can do this is to become a Man, since it requires the blood of a man for perfect remission of sins to take place (1Tim 1:15, Col 1:14, Eph 1:7, Heb 10:4 - 8). Though this was not a fluke, God in His foreknowledge knew about this, that He is going to be the rightful lamb that will be sacrificed for the total emancipation of man from sin (Rev 13:8). This implies that God in His foreknowledge knew that Adam will fail, and that all entire human races cannot meet the requirements for His kind of righteousness, so He opted to undo the situation by Himself (1Tim 3:16). 
This is the eternal purpose and will of God that a family should be established and rooted in the Christ (Eph 1: 5, 9 – 10), for this reason, the option of the tree of life was offered to Adam but He made the wrong choice. The truth is that no man who is of the earthy would become a citizen of the spiritual family unless through the Christ (Eph 2:19). 

It is worthy to mention this, that by the time God created all things man inclusive, there was no sin on earth, sin came through man (Rom 5:13), so sin came through the disobedience of Adam. And if sin through the disobedience of the man Adam entered into the world, so it is that sin should be taken away through the obedience of one man (Rom 5:18 – 19, Jn 1:29), the man Christ Jesus. So, the gospel of redemption of man was preached right from the beginning and until the arrival of the Christ. 

Throughout the pages of the Scriptures, that is in the prophets, in the psalms and in the law, all contains facts about the coming of the Christ (Messiah) that will save the world from the clutches of sin (Luk 24:44, Jn 1:45). The Christ when he arrives will not live His own life, but will definitely interpret all that is written about Him in the Scriptures (Matt 1:22-23, Luk 4:18 -22, Jn 10:35), this is the way to identify that He is the Christ, because the Christ should be the end or fulfillment of the Scriptures.

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