The Three Adams (Part Eleven) - The Second Adam And The Scripture

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“And so it is written, The first man Adam was made a living soul; the last Adam was made a quickening spirit. Howbeit that was not first which is spiritual, but that which is natural; and afterward that which is spiritual. The first man is of the earth, earthy: the second man is the Lord from heaven.” 

1 Cor 15:45 – 47 (KJV) 

However, it is only by the process of understanding the stipulation of the scripture that He can get acquainted with everything said concerning Him and begins to interpret them as supposed. So He couldn’t find Himself in any other place to socialize and intimate but the synagogue where He customarily stays and to get Himself infused into all that was prophesied concerning Him (Luke 4:14 – 15). The declaration is that He is to come and save His people from their sins (Luke 2:11). This purpose must be followed diligently and be executed, this therefore demands all amount of seriousness in order to make it happen. 

The commitment was seen in Him early enough as He became one of the lay readers in the synagogue a no mean position if one is a novice in scriptural matters (Luke 4:15 – 21). This is an indication that He became well-schooled in the scripture such that gave Him the boldness to stand and read the scripture and as well utter words that signifies great prowess. Obviously He didn’t just gave Himself to the study and understand the scripture but He related what He has learnt from the scripture and inculcated them to His audience. The audience that grazes His teachings testified of His boldness that is accompanied by greater insight of truth which differentiated Him from the Scribes and Pharisees (Matt 7:28 – 29). 

Also, before His ministry began there was a witness of His identity from heaven that declared Him as the Son of God and that the heaven is please with Him (Matt 3:17). This avowal didn’t come on a platter of anything He must have done to attract God’s attention but as it pleases God. There is nothing we can do on our own to move God; He is always moved by His grace. 

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However, the affirmation immediately quickens the curiosity of the devil to question the declaration; therefore, he made himself available to investigate what was said. As it was in the beginning the devil came to tempt the Second Adam in order to verify if He is indeed a Son of God, and if He yields to temptation it means He is not God or Son of God, because God cannot be tempted (Jas 1:13) but to his surprise He yielded to temptation. Now the devil couldn’t contend this, because he was not able to ascertain for sure if He is God or man. 

However he went ahead to tempt Him and at the end the devil lost, yes he was outwitted by Him not because He was God, but because the Second Adam equipped Himself with the word of God and not only that He believed everything that is said concerning Him and hold on it. It is interesting to know that the devil applied the same method he applied in the beginning against the first Adam. 

He began by promoting Him by letting Him to understand what He can do being the Son of God, and he went ahead to let Him know what He has to gain if He worships him. Crucially, he offered the Second Adam the wealth and kingdom of this earth, which by implication are the hearts and minds of people on this earth which has been under his control. All that the devil did was geared at promoting self in the Second Adam but at the end he met his waterloo because the Second Adam was focused and believed the scripture. 

He etched Himself to the scripture in a way that it is visible in everything He does. Before He announced His ministry He read to hearing of the people the declaration that was made by prophecy concerning Him and affirms the accuracy and fulfillment of that scripture (Luke 4:15 – 21). At one time, He was accused of tarnishing the meaning of the content of the scripture, He pointed out to them clearly that He has come to fulfill the scripture (the law and the prophets) not to destroy it (Matt 5:17). 
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This is an indication that His mayor concern is to fulfill what the scripture has said concerning Him. As a matter of fact, He has come to live out the scripture; I mean to interpret it down to earth. In doing this, he was able to put in proper prospective those gray areas in the scripture that people were finding difficult to get along with. He took care of the abnormalities that were there is the scripture and as He was doing that, He never said, “Thus says the Lord” like the prophets did, because the words are coming from the horse’s mouth (Matt 5:43 – 45). 

All the ceremonies and types and shadows that typified Him in the prophets and the law, He began to align them in a way that is suitable (ie the Sabbath, manna, bronze serpent, the lamb, sign of Jonah etc.) were all streamlined in their proper perspectives as the revelation of their meanings tallies up with who He is. Unlike the Scribes and Pharisees of His days He continues to unfold a better and easy way to relate with people such that in many occasions He was found to be at a cross road with them. To the lowly and forgotten in the society and even to some high and mighty His ministry typified grace! 

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