Morgan Freeman: The Story Of God - Secrecy Helped Christianity To Flourish

The third season of Story of God the brainchild of National Geographic with Morgan Freeman was premiered earlier this month. And this latest episode is set out to show why secrecy and religion can flourish together.
This episode did not feature much on Christianity; the past episodes did but it focused more on cults. Also on encoding the Torah in the practice of Kabbalah and the resurgence of Druids among others. Freeman used that medium to see how the mystery of ritual brings people closer to the mystery of the divine.
This episode’s only mention of secrecy in Christianity was in Rome 361 to 363 AD when the people of the time accused an ancient “secret sect” of Christians of drinking blood and performing human sacrifices. Morgan traveled to a hidden house under a basilica, located in Rome where the supposed sect hid out.  
Those Christians practiced the Eucharist in secret. This act triggered rumors and it began to spread by the Romans that those people were in the hidden house. And that they were “practicing orgies” and “drinking actual blood.”
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Emperor Julian despised Christ followers and those who were not meeting in secret. As a result of this two men named John and Paul, became martyrs by the emperor's command. It wasn’t until the leader was killed and a new emperor was appointed that the tide began to change.
“It’s hard to believe that Christianity was once a small secret faith practiced in the shadows but secrecy actually gave Christianity strength,” Freeman said after his visit. “[Christian] followers venerated Jesus who died opposing Rome.”
“Oppression only fared the movement. And once it was set free, it traveled to every corner of the globe,” the Academy Award-winning actor quipped.  
He went on to say that Christianity flourished after a few centuries of Roman suppression.
“If there were no mysteries to life, there would be no need for faith,” he maintained.
“Secrets protect people in times of oppression and keep them alive until their message can take root in fertile ground,” Freeman concluded. “We can never expect to know the mind of God but we can work to get closer to it.”

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