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About Us: Talking Christianity –TC

It was just like a thought and then it became a dream and today is a reality and the name is called Talking Christianity. Talking Christianity is a Christian social media news outlet established for the main purpose of disseminating up-to-date Christian based news, documentaries commentaries, acts and histories. This is a medium and an establishment that is ready to project and portray the image of Jesus Christ through the platform of the social media and any other relevant channels. Talking Christianity as the name stands shall always be involved in reporting and releasing information that is sourced out of all Christian denominations without bias. Talking Christianity stands and shall always stand out in educating and enhancing the knowledge of Christians in all Christian related matters. 

Our Mission: Talking Christianity –TC 

In this present day and age where the social media is taking over the traditional news print platform, it is important that news about Christ/Christianity should not be relegated to nothing but should be floated in order to penetrate and be embedded in the hearts of people in this generation. This is our mission and we believe that by the grace of God it shall be accomplished. 

Our Vision: Talking Christianity – TC 

We envisage that not too long from now, Talking Christianity - TC will be among the top leading Christian News outlets that will be zealously involved in peddling Christian news and all Christian related matters all over the world. Our expectation is that we will be known as a major purveyor of Christian news especially in this part of the world. We at Talking Christianity – TC understand the arduous nature of this task as a result with love and unity among us and with your immense contribution we will overcome. Therefore, we will definitely take advantage of everything the Grace of God offers and seizing the moment to leap over every huddle and the result we know shall be nothing except glory and honor to God.

Talking Christianity Management Team